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Wannamaker Drug

Locally Owned, Locally Loved, Locally Operated


We strive to maintain the highest standard of healthcare to our patients by providing quality products and exceptionable service. At Wannamaker Drug, you are more than a prescription number. You are our friend… our family… our neighbor. With over 120 years of service to the community, Wannamaker Drug is your friendly neighborhood pharmacy offering medications, immunizations, clinical services and medical equipment. Let Wannamaker Drug be your Good Neighbor Pharmacy!

WD Cheraw

700 Chesterfield Hwy
Cheraw, South Carolina 29520

Phone: (843) 537-3221

Fax: (843) 537-9550

WD Chesterfield

107 West Boulevard
Cheraw, South Carolina 29709

Phone: (843) 623-2999

Fax: (843) 623-3615

Patricia Lindsey, PharmD

Pharmacist-In-Charge - WD Cheraw

Phone: (843) 537-3221 Ext. 121

Cuentin Bridges, PharmD

Pharmacist-In-Charge - WD Chesterfield

Phone: (843) 623-2999 Ext. 222

Jed Bryant, CPhT-Adv

Chief Operations Officer

Phone: (843) 537-3221 Ext. 133

Lisa Bridges, RN, BSN

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Owner

Phone: (843) 537-3221 Ext. 131

Chris Bridges, RPh

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Owner

Phone: (843) 537-3221 Ext. 131

Crystal W.jpg
Crystal Winburn, CPhT-Adv

Pharmacy Manager - WD Cheraw

Phone: (843) 537-3221 Ext. 132

Taylor Freeman, CPhT

Sync Specialist

Phone: (843) 537-3221 Ext. 137

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